365 Postcards For Ants by Lorraine Loots [website]

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The Most Realistic Nintendo Cosplay:

Star Fox by Acorn Buttons


Majoras Mask - Skull Kid by Shikarius

Photo: Apprivoise


Link and Princess Zelda by Alasio Hylian and Celex

Photo: Aqu4lung


Super Mario Group by Twinzik Cosplay

Photo: Mineralblu


Metroid: Samus by PixelNinja

Photo: Carl Oscar


Metroid: 32 Bit Samus by ChozoBoy

Photo: Dawn Herbstsomer Cattell, PhotoAngels Photography


Pokemon - Team Rocket Cosplay by Ryoko-Demon and Rei-Doll

Photo: Kifir


We have recieved permission to display each one of these images

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nice text post where’d you get it the toilet store

Why would a toilet store sell text posts?? That doesn’t seem like a very lucrative good to sell at a toilet store…….. 

shane i’m gonna fill a pillowcase full of bars of soap and beat the shit out of you with it

maybe you can buy the pillowcase and the soap at the toilet store now that they’ve expanded their merchandise offerings

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i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am


i really hate it when people say you shouldn’t use the computer or watch tv before going to bed and instead you should read a book because you need winding down time or you won’t sleep. ha ha good one do you know what happens if i start a book before bed?! i end up fucking finishing it that’s what

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May you have enough money to pay your bills this month with a little extra left over for a bit of fun.

This is one of the nicest things to wish for someone


How do some people sit in class with that much ass crack out and not know